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Research at the Department of English and American Studies

Main areas of research at the Department

  1. New genres in professional and specialist discourse
  2. American ethnic literatures and alternative concepts of American culture and society

The Department publishes a biannual peer-reviewed journal: the Ostrava Journal of English Philology.

Department staff - specialist areas of research interest

  • Mgr. Markéta Bilanová, Ph.D.
    English teaching methodology; multimedia and interactive teaching; Anglicisms in Czech; neologisms

  • doc. PhDr. Miroslav Černý, Ph.D.
    Documentation and revitalization of endangered languages; synchronic and diachronic sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology; medical discourse

  • Mgr. Andrea Holešová, Ph.D.
    American studies and the socio-cultural history of the USA; history of American literature with emphasis on contemporary American theatre and cinema

  • Mgr. Christopher James Hopkinson, Ph.D.
    Translation studies; promotional discourse; socio-pragmatic aspects of promotional and advertising genres; impoliteness and linguistic aggression in online communication; English as a lingua franca (ELF)

  • Mgr. Zuzana Hurtová, Ph.D.
    Functional syntax; communication strategies in fictional literature

  • Mgr. Ivana Janoušková, Ph.D.
    Functional syntax; communication strategies in fictional literature

  • doc. PhDr. Stanislav Kolář, Dr.
    American Jewish literature; American Holocaust literature; American ethnic literatures; trauma theory in relation to literature; the topic of immigration in American literature

  • doc. Mgr. Petr Kopecký, Ph.D.
    Literature and culture of the West Coast of the USA/Canada; eco-criticism; reception of American literature

  • Mgr. Lenka Kopečková, Ph.D.
    Functional syntax; nonverbal communication, microanalysis of gestures and speech

  • Mgr. Karla Kovalová, Ph.D.
    Afroamerican literature; history of Afroamericans and Black Feminism; the tradition of women’s writin

  • PhDr. Stella Nangonová
    Methodology of textbooks and teaching texts; history of British art and architecture

  • Mgr. Renáta Tomášková, Dr.
    Text analysis and translation; communication strategies in various discourse types; genre analysis in institutional discourse

  • Mgr. Gabriela Zapletalová, Ph.D.
    Text linguistics; (hyper)syntax and text structure in academic discourse; contrastive analysis of Czech and English academic texts

  • Internal (full-time) doctoral students

    • Mgr. Magdalena Hanusková
    • Dr. Parisa Changizi
    • Ing. Mgr. Monika Jones
    • Mgr. Sebastian Komárek
    • Mgr. Ondřej Procházka
    • Mgr. Veronika Rusňáková
    • Mgr. Petr Šidík

    DExternal doctoral students

    • Mgr. Martin Kolář
    • Mgr. Simona Korytářová
    • Mgr. Sylvia Žilinčíková
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