Why study at the Faculty of Arts

  • We promote a culture of open discussion between students and academic staff, encouraging students to think critically, view issues in their wider context, and formulate their ideas with clarity.
  • The Faculty’s departments organize annual student conferences where students have the opportunity to present their research results, practice their rhetorical skills, engage in constructive critical discussions, and support each other’s efforts.
  • The Faculty has a strong tradition of research involving students, who also have the opportunity to publish their research results.
  • The Faculty has four specialist research centres and offers 14 different doctoral degrees.
  • Every year the Faculty hosts numerous scholars and other renowned public figures from the Czech Republic and all over the world.
  • The Faculty is located in the very heart of Ostrava, enabling students to participate fully in the city’s vibrant community and enrich its cultural life.
  • Students can take part in a wide range of activities organized by students – many of them held at the Faculty’s student club.

Updated: 10. 01. 2018