Degree Programmes

The University of Ostrava invites you to pursue your ambition and interest in the enterprising city of Ostrava. The Faculty of Arts belongs to the founding and largest faculties of the University of Ostrava. Please see below the list of our degree programmes.

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

English Philology 3 yearsEnglish

Master's Degree Programmes

English Philology 2 yearsEnglish

Doctoral Degree Programmes

English Philology (full-time study) 4 yearsEnglish
English Philology (part-time study) 4 yearsEnglish

Information on the organizational aspect of the admission procedure

How to apply

Applications may only be submitted in electronic form (e-applications) – after clicking on a study programme (see above the list of our degree programmes), applicants are offered a detailed description of the degree programme, including the link e-application: e-přihláška.

After entering the login to the e-pplication system, applicants follow the instructions of the application. The last step of submission the e-application is the payment of the application fee of 560 CZK. It is recommended that applicants pay the fee by card.

Important dates and deadlines

Bachelor's Degree Programmes
Deadline for submission of applications to study15 March 2019
Entrance examinations27–31 May 2019
Submission of a certified copy of the school-leaving ("maturita") certificate8–21 June 2019
Master's Degree Programmes
Deadline for submission of applications to study15 March 2019
Entrance examinations27—31 May 2019
Submission of a certified copy of the university diploma (Bachelor's degree diploma)13 September 2019
Doctoral Degree Programmes
Deadline for submission of applications to study15 August 2019
Entrance examinations9–13 September 2019
Submission of a certified copy of the university diploma (Master's degree diploma)30 September 2019

Conditions for admission to study

Basic conditions for admission to study are:

  1. the successful completion of the entrance examination
  2. the submission of a certified copy of previous education

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The entrance examination tests applicants on their knowledge of English language and literature; required language skills correspond with the following levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

for the Bachelor's degree programmeB2
for the Master's degree programmeC1
for the Doctoral degree programmeC2

Further information on every degree programme see above.

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Admission to studies is conditional upon the completion of:

for the Bachelor's degree programmefull secondary education ("maturita" exam or equivalent)
for the Master's degree programmea Bachelor's degree programme
for the Doctoral degree programmea Master's degree programme

Applicants must send the certificate of their "maturita" exam or equivalent (i.e. the secondary school leaving examination – for applicants to the Bachelor's degree programme), or their Bachelor's degree diploma (for applicants to the Master's degree programme), or their Master's degree diploma (for applicants to the Doctoral degree programme).

Applicants who have diplomas/certificates from a foreign country (except for Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, and Germany) must submit a certificate of the general recognition of their education in the Czech Republic.

Recognition of full secondary education ("maturita" exam or equivalent)
Recognition of Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes


For the studies in the English language we charge the fee of 42 000 CZK (cca 1 650 Euros) for the academic year.


Study office of the Faculty of Arts, UO
Phone: +420 597 092 090

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