About the Department

Who are we?

The Department of English and American Studies offers a wide range of degree programmes at all levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees). We focus on English philology in its broadest sense – encompassing linguistics, literary studies, as well as the history, culture and societies of English-speaking countries all around the world.

Our range of degrees also includes programmes specially designed for international students, including two doctoral programmes. For more information about our degrees and opportunities to study at the Department, go to the section on Studies.

We are also a prominent research centre in both linguistic and literary fields, and our research is closely integrated with our teaching. Students also have the opportunity to become involved in grant-funded research projects and to present their findings at student conferences.

Reflecting today’s globalized world, the Department cultivates a portfolio of strong international links – especially as part of the Erasmus+ programme, which offers students the opportunity to spend a semester studying at one of our partners in a range of countries.

To learn more about the Department, you can browse this website or go to our Facebook page.

Life at the Department of English and American Studies

Life at the Department is about much more than just studying: we also organize a wide range of activities and events that go beyond the basic curriculum and create a rich and vibrant cultural life. These include…

  • the English Language Theater of Ostrava (ELTO) – a student theatre group that gives performances in English
  • Translation Day (Den s překladem) – a nationwide translation competition culminating in a translation conference and workshops, open to anybody for whom translation is a profession, a subject of study, or just a hobby
  • Student Conferences – these annual events offer the Department’s students a valuable opportunity to present the results of their research (Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral theses)
  • the Student Grant Competition – the University offers annual grants for research projects involving students and their teachers, giving talented students an ideal opportunity to lay the foundations for a future academic career
  • the Erasmus+ programme – the Department’s students have the opportunity to travel abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme and spend a semester studying at one of our partner universities in a range of European countries (Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)

Updated: 29. 01. 2019