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Student life is certainly an essential part of university studies, isn't it? And it should be worth it! Our university is located in the centre of the third largest city in the Czech Republic - Ostrava, which after its industrial history is becoming a vibrant cultural centre of the whole region. This has given rise to unique places: the blast furnace has become the famous Bolt Tower with a café, the gasworks has become the Gong concert hall, and the former mine has become a venue for artists. The entire DOV area is the venue for the spectacular Colours of Ostrava music festival.

The university and the city itself thus offer you countless opportunities to enjoy your student years, be it through sports, culture, university events, travelling not only in the mountainous surroundings of Ostrava but also beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, which are very close by. Imagine that 10% of the city's population is made up of students - Ostrava is truly a university city!

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Up to that, our faculty itself is home to a vibrant cultural scene, including a range of theatres, ensembles and literary events. Lets mention for example Translation Day, an annual event that comprises a range of activities – a national student translation competition, a translation conference featuring invited speakers, and translation workshops. The competition features entries from students at all major universities in the Czech Republic. Great study and meeting place is also our dear Study room or so called Doupě (Liar), hope to see you there!

ESN and Younie student organisations will help you make new friends among local or international students and discover all the opportunitides that lie ahead. You can also meet other expats, get a lot of information and have fun at the events of the Ostrava Expat Center. Or if you enjoy board games, feel free to join the Kostka Student Board Game Club!

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Find out more about the Ostrava region in the ABOUT section.

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Updated: 07. 05. 2024