Student Life

StudentOFF Club

StudentOFF is a place where students can meet, organize various events, or simply sit and relax. Run by students for students, the club offers a comfortable haven throughout the day, and it is a 100% no smoking zone. It is located in the courtyard of the Faculty of Arts (access from Reální St.), next to the Voliéra Club (which offers a range of refreshments). StudentOFF is small enough to feel like a home away from home, yet big enough to be used as a venue for a wide spectrum of events – lectures and talks, workshops, social gatherings, screenings, games evenings, parties, meetings of student organizations, and much more.

Translation Day

“Translation Day” is an annual event that comprises a range of activities – a national student translation competition, a translation conference featuring invited speakers, and translation workshops (held by the individual language departments of the Faculty). The competition features entries from students at all major universities in the Czech Republic, and guest speakers at the conference include leading figures in translation studies, linguists, literary theorists, translators and interpreters from the academic sphere and the language industry. In 2009 the Translation Day was awarded the prestigious European Language Label by an expert jury.

Student associations

The Faculty of Arts is home to several active student associations. These include the Ostrava University International Student Club (ISC OU) and the University’s Student Union (Stavovská unie studentů, SUS), which organizes a range of university events as well as running a student radio station (Rádio Kolej) and publishing the Underground student magazine.

Theatres, ensembles, literary evenings…

The Faculty is home to a vibrant cultural scene, including a range of theatres, ensembles, literary events, and much more. The Department of English and American Studies has its own English-language theatre group (ELTO – English Language Theatre Ostrava), which performs at various venues throughout the city. The Department of German Studies also has its own theatre ensemble, while other departments (Czech, Art History, Philosophy…) regularly organize cultural events where students’ creativity can find an appreciative audience.

Updated: 10. 01. 2018