International cooperation

Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava, invites and welcomes students from all over the world. The University currently has students from more than 19 countries studying here at Ostrava. Having a diverse and translocal cultural community provides a stimulating environment for teaching, learning and research.

Our International Office can provide advice on your application and the admissions process. We also offer guidance and information on programmes, entry requirements, international qualifications and scholarships. Contact the International Relations team with any questions.

The University's internationalisation operations and activities draw on the essential value of international students and staff, interacting both inside and outside teaching and research. Being an internationally focused institution is critical for the future success of the University of Ostrava, whose ambition is to be outward-looking and active place in an intensively global environment. We aim to build effective research and teaching partnerships with universities around the world, which would enable interested sides to promote excellence in learning and research.

Updated: 19. 02. 2018