Research Initiatives

Research at the Faculty covers a broad range of different fields in the humanities and social sciences, enabling scholars to engage in fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration with their colleagues.

In addition to its twelve departments (which are involved in both teaching and research), the Faculty also has four dedicated research centres, all with a strongly interdisciplinary focus:

The Centre for Economic and Social History specializes in the historical process of modernization – an area which still remains under-researched in Czech historiography, yet which is of key importance for understanding the complexities of our contemporary society.

The Centre for Research in Medieval Society and Culture (VIVARIUM) explores the sociocultural horizons of medieval Europeans from all strata of society, contributing to a deeper knowledge of European medieval culture as a whole.

The Centre for Regional Studies focuses on regionalism and the role of regions in literature and culture – exploring the historical, social and cultural aspects of regions, the delineation of individual cultural regions, and the characteristics shared by specific cultural segments across various European regions.

The Centre for the Research of Professional Language is a linguistic research centre exploring professional language in English, German and Czech, with an emphasis on the changing characteristics of professional and expert discourse in the era of globalization.

In addition to Faculty staff members, its students (both at Master’s and doctoral levels) also make an important contribution to research at the Faculty as part of research-based projects such as the University’s Student Grant Competition.

The Faculty regularly hosts international conferences, welcoming scholars from all over the world. Recent events have included the conferences Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, The Changing Landscape of Professional Discourse, and Mongolian Expansion and Its Influence on Development in the Eurasian Area in the 13th and 14th Centuries. The latter conference was organized by the Euro-Asian Academic Forum (EAAF), set up by the Faculty to support student and academic mobility between the Czech Republic and non-EU countries.

Updated: 11. 01. 2018