Why study at the Faculty of Arts

We are one of the largest and most active faculties of the University of Ostrava in terms of accepting international students and arranging exchange stays within the Erasmus+ programme or on the basis of partnership agreements with foreign universities. We can be a very good and experienced partner for you on your way to the world. The student organisations like ESN and many other partners, can also help you.

You'll study in university buildings in the heart of the city. Ostrava is in the midst of a cultural boom, preceded by an industrial history. This has given rise to a number of unique places, such as the Dolní Vítkovice, which is well known beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

Our faculty and the entire university has a modern, fresh and open spirit and, due to its size and youthful vigour, offers great flexibility and individual approach to students. With us you will definitely not be just one of the crowd!

Why study at the Faculty of Arts

Let's take a closer look at the study:

  • In our faculty, we don't biff, we teach students to think, to look for contexts, to develop creativity and imagination, to rub and formulate opinions.
  • Our academics are leaders in their fields across the country.
  • Our faculty has a strong tradition of research involving students who also have the opportunity to publish the results of their research or hold their own research conferences.
  • The faculty has four specialized research centers and offers 14 different doctoral degree programs.
  • Each year we host a number of scientists and other prominent public figures from the Czech Republic and around the world.
  • You can also diversify your studies with courses from other faculties.
  • For more information about specific fields of study or subjects for exchange study stays, please visit the ACADEMICS section.

But it's not all about studying. You'll have a great opportunity to meet local and international students, have a lot of fun at events organised by the university, ESN, Younie or Ostrava Expat Centre. Explore the city of Ostrava where you'll never get bored, and go on trips - whether to the adjacent Beskydy Mountains or to historic Olomouc or Prague, or discover other beautiful places across the Czech border that are closer than they seem. Find out what's waiting for you in the STUDENT LIFE and ABOUT section, where you can find more information about Ostrava and beyond.

Lets check what other students said about their stay in Ostrava:

student experience

So dare to explore!


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Updated: 16. 04. 2024