Why study English in Ostrava

English is spoken all over the world, and studying English opens the door to a huge range of career paths. Perhaps you simply like the language and the cultures of English-speaking countries. Perhaps you’re considering a career as a professional translator, interpreter or language teacher. Or perhaps you’d like to work in an international company, communicating with clients from different countries. If so, then an English degree is the ideal choice for you.

The roots of the English Department in Ostrava reach back to the 1960s, but the following two decades were a time of harsh political repression in Czechoslovakia – and English was not favoured by the authorities. This all changed with the Velvet Revolution in 1989, which ushered in a democratic political system and a market economy. The country opened up to the world once again, and English studies in Ostrava began to flourish. In the quarter-century since the revolutionary changes we have built up a large department with an enthusiastic young team, offering a wide range of degrees and renowned for its forward-looking research in linguistics and literary theory.

Our range of degrees also includes programmes specially designed for international students, including two doctoral programmes. For more information about our degrees and opportunities to study at the Department, go to the section on Studies.

Of course, life is about more than just studying – and Ostrava is a fascinating and vibrant city at the centre of a culturally distinctive region, close to the borders with Poland and Slovakia and combining elements of different cultures from all over Central Europe. So if you’re interested in studying English here in the very heart of Europe, Ostrava is an ideal choice for you. To learn more, browse this website or contact any member of staff at the Department.