Short term courses

Summer school

Ostrava Czech Summer School is organized by the University’s Department of Czech Language. We offer a 21-day programme of the Czech language for foreigners (4 lessons / a day) with many activities and a friendly atmosphere. The courses combine language practice and communication skills both for students, teachers, and foreigners living in the Czech Republic, and those of you who want to learn Czech or improve their command of Czech as a foreign language. When studying with us, you can visit the renowned music festival Colours of Ostrava that will take place July 18 - 21, 2018.


Czechs in the Central European Cultural Context

Czechs in the Central European Cultural Context is an 11-week university lifelong learning certificate module. Focused on the interconnections between history, culture and art in Czech society, our fascinating courses will equip you with the tools to understand the past and present of Czech society in its wider Central European context. The module will also provide insights into future challenges, helping you understand how Czech society will develop as part of a Central European space being driven forward by processes of global integration.


Updated: 30. 01. 2018