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Studying at the Department

Updated: 19. 01. 2018

The Department of English and American Studies offers several different university degrees at all three levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Most of the degree programmes offered by the Department are partly taught in the Czech language, and include components that require students to have a good knowledge of Czech. However, the Department also offers two degrees that are specifically aimed at international students; these degrees are taught entirely in English, and require no prior knowledge of the Czech language.

The table below gives an overview.

degree typedegrees partly taught in Czechdegrees for international students (taught 100% in English)
Bachelor’s (Bc.) English Language and Literature
English for Business (full-time or part-time study)
English Language and Literature
Master’s (Mgr.) English Language and Literature
English Language and Literature for Secondary Schools (a teacher training degree – students study English in combination with another subject)
English for Translators
English Language and Literature
doctoral (Ph.D.)English Language
English and American Literature

The individual courses that make up these degree programmes include ‘core’ compulsory courses, plus a range of optional (elective) courses based around staff members’ individual research interests. These optional courses enable students to partly ‘customize’ their studies according to their own needs and preferences.

Courses for international students

The large majority of the Department’s courses are taught in English, making them ideally suitable for international students (e.g. students visiting Ostrava as part of the Erasmus+ programme).

Some courses require a knowledge of the Czech language (particularly those focusing on translation and interpreting).

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