Student Scholarship

The Faculty of Arts awards the following types of scholarships and bursaries intended for international students. The scholarships are awarded across the graduate and doctoral degrees for outstanding study results; helping to partly cover the costs of accommodation and health insurance as well as supporting international students studying in the master and doctoral programs accredited in the Czech language.

The scholarships are announced in compliance with the Regulations on Scholarships of the University of Ostrava and regulated by the Dean’s provisions listed on the Portal OU. The scholarships intended for international students studying at the Faculty of Arts can be found below. All scholarships can be awarded upon student’s application.

Scholarship for Outstanding Results for Students studying in Foreign Language Study Programs at the Faculty of Arts. The aim of the scholarship is to motivate and support international students studying in the foreign language bachelor and follow-up master programs at the Faculty of Arts to achieve the outstanding study results and their learning objectives at their best. To be eligible for the award of a scholarship the student must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Complete all compulsory courses during the relevant academic year under the recommended study plan.
  2. Obtain at least 50 ECTS credits.
  3. The weighted study average for the relevant academic year calculated according to Article 6, Paragraph 3 of the Regulations on Scholarships of the University of Ostrava, may not exceed 1.50.

The Scholarship Application must be submitted in writing by a student in Czech or in English on the form attached to this provision and must be accompanied by evidence of course completion for the relevant academic year in the form of a printed copy of Record Sheet A from the University of Ostrava web portal. The Scholarship Application must be submitted to the Dean via the Faculty Study Department during the period 15th August - 15th September. The maximum amount of the scholarship for a single academic year is CZK 40 000. The amount of the scholarship can be adjusted by the Dean.

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Scholarship Supporting International Students studying in the Czech Language at the Faculty of Arts in a full-time follow-up master or doctoral programs. The scholarship can be awarded only to international students studying in the standard length of study; in their first study of the relevant program; and to international students to whom a scholarship has not yet been awarded. The scholarship is awarded upon student’s written application submitted to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts via the Study Department of the Faculty.

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Updated: 06. 04. 2022