About the Department of Czech Language

The Department offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees in these subjects:

  • Czech Language and Literature (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees – single-subject degrees or in combination with another subject, e.g. Psychology, English, German, History; the degrees are taught in conjunction with the Department of Czech Literature and Literary Criticism)
  • Teaching Czech Language for Secondary Schools (double-subject Master’s degree; the degree is taught in conjunction with the Department of Czech Literature and Literary Criticism)
  • Czech for Foreigners (single-subject Master’s degree designed for non-native speakers of Czech – graduates of Bachelor’s degrees in Czech studies, Slavonic studies and related subjects)
  • Czech Language (doctoral degree – either full-time or distance studies)

Teaching at the Department includes “basic” compulsory courses (e.g. phonetics, morphology, syntax, historical grammar, corpus linguistics) plus a wide range of optional courses designed to reflect the research carried out by the Department staff (e.g. onomastics, quantitative linguistics – for more details see the personal profiles of the individual staff members). These optional courses enable students to partially “customize” their studies depending on their own individual areas of interest. Students can thus specialize in certain theoretical disciplines and become involved in research projects on a range of linguistic issues (including research on the historical development of the Czech language). International students (e.g. those visiting Ostrava as part of the Erasmus+ programme) can attend Czech language courses for foreigners.

Updated: 22. 11. 2017