Projects and Grants

Institutional Development Projects in Science and Research:

Vivarium, 2013–2014, solvers: prof. Mgr. Marek Otisk, Ph.D., Mgr. Richard Psík, Ph.D., team leader: prof. PhDr. Jana Nechutová, CSc.
The project focused on creating a scientific team which under the leadership of prof. J. Nechutová and in cooperation with foreign experts connected medievalists of various fields of study and helped to form a team of experts, establish the scope of research of the Centre and to integrate it in the existing organisation structure of the Faculty of Arts.

Collective Identity in the Social Networks of Medieval Europe, 2015–2017, solvers: doc. Mgr. Robert Antonín, Ph.D., team leader: Mgr. Dalibor Janiš, Ph.D.
The project brought together a research team which in cooperation with foreign experts expanded the research of medieval society and culture within the Centre, or more precisely at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava, and supported its staff growth. The project focused on a key issue of forming collective identity on the different levels of reality in medieval Europe (Christian solidarity, attitude towards the foreign and alien, the geopolitical dimension of self-identification, country as a socio-geographic communicating community, identity of social strata and groups, identity of regional communities) following the current trends in European medievalist research.

The Construction of the Other in Medieval Europe, 2018–2020, solver: doc. PhDr. Daniela Rywiková, Ph.D., team leaders: doc. PhDr. Daniela Rywiková, Ph.D., prof. Mgr. Marek Otisk, Ph.D.
In this running project, a new research team has been formed by Czech and foreign experts. The goal of this international project is to advance and enrich the study of medieval society and culture at the Faculty of Arts by implementing a new interdisciplinary approach focusing on the analyses of how the category of “the other” was shaped in medieval Europe. The project emphasizes the current research trend of the “the other” mainly as a sociocultural aspect and a natural part of the religious, national and cultural diversity and the mutual interactions and delimitations, cooperation and coexistence. The shaping of the reception of “the other” in medieval society is studied as a dynamic, intellectual and socio-cultural process in the cultural, art-historical and historically-philosophical fields.

Projects within the framework of the Student Grant Competition of specific university research:

The projects reflect selected topics and areas of the study of medieval society and culture and focus on including Master's degree and doctoral students in scientific and research activities. Students actively publish (studies, articles, cooperate on monographs) and present their findings at conferences, colloquia and workshops. Research trips in the Czech Republic and abroad also take place within these projects.

Projects supported by the Czech Science Foundation:

Beguines and Preachers. Between the Moral Ideal, Homiletics and Pastoral Care in the Czech Lands in the period of the 14th - 16th Century, 2018–2020, solver: Mgr. Jana Grollová, Ph.D.

Updated: 16. 05. 2023

Projects & Grants

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