International Co-operation

Selected international conferences (co)organized by the Centre:

  • Proměny církevní sfragistiky (Changes in Church Sigillography), 10–11 August 2013, Olomouc
  • Via viatores quaerit. Mobilność społeczna w dziejach krajów grupy Wyszehradzkiej, 29–30 May 2014, Gdynia
  • Collective Identity in Social Networks of the Medieval Europe, 8 October2015, Ostrava
  • Homo Ludens. Daily Entertainment and Holiday Fun in the History of Central European Countries and their Neighbours / Homo ludens. Zabawy i rozrywki na co dzień i od święta w dziejach krajow Europy Środkowej i ich sąsiadow, 21–22 April 2016, Slupsk
  • Mongolian Expansion and Its Influence on Development in the Eurasian Area in the 13th and 14th Centuries, 5–8 October 2016, Ostrava
  • Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, 6–7 October 2016, Ostrava
  • Medieval Art in Central Europe, 20–23 October 2016, Nowy Sącz
  • From Quadrivium to Natural Sciences: New Impulses in the Traditional Framework, 15–16 November 2018, Ostrava
  • Sigismund von Luxemburg, der deutsche Orden und Polen-Litauen, 5–6 October 2018, Kiel

Updated: 01. 11. 2019