Main areas of research at the Department of Slavonic Studies

  • Active processes in modern Russian – developmental tendencies;
  • Intercultural communication in business, communication barriers, lexical and grammatical interference, linguistic models;
  • Russian literature in the 19th and 20th centuries, comparative literature, comparative genology;
  • The evolution of Slavonic and Western aesthetic-philosophical thought, literary movements, cultural epochs and literary forms as such; philological hermeneutics;
  • Czech-Polish linguistic comparison, Czech-Polish comparative phraseology and linguistic images of the world, Czech-Polish communication in business;
  • The multicultural Těšín/Cieszyn region, multidisciplinary research of issues related to the Polish minority community in the Czech Republic, history of the Polish language and literature in the Těšín/Cieszyn region;
  • Slavonic phraseology and paremiology;
  • Contemporary Russian and Polish literature;
  • Linguistic and cultural transfer and contact within the Slavonic world.

Updated: 27. 11. 2017