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About the Department of German Studies

Why study German in Ostrava?

The Department of German Studies provides teaching for the Bachelor degree programmes of German for Business (full-time and „combined“ form, i.e. part-distance study) and German Language and Literature („double major“ type study, i.e. German in combination with another degree subject).

The Department also offers a range of Master’s degree programmes: there is a programme training future teachers of German Language and Literature for Secondary Schools („double major“ type), as well as both „single major“ and „double major“ degrees in German Language and Literature; the „single major“ version is available as a full-time programme or a „combined“ programme. The Department also offers a Master’s degree in German for Translators.

Graduates of the Master's degree programme can proceed to take „post-Master’s“ examinations at the Department of German Studies and are then awarded the PhDr. (post-Master’s) degree, or to take the full-time or „combined“ form of the doctoral degree programme and acquire the Ph.D. degree.

The Department cultivates long-term cooperation with a range of foreign partner universities as part of the Erasmus programme, enabling dozens of students to spend semester-long study stays at these partner institutions each year.

The research activities of the Department focus on the relationship between language and emotions and on professional language – both in modern German and during the language’s history. The Department of German Studies also researches German literature written in the Silesian part of the Czech Republic (German authors writing in the Silesian part of the Czech Republic, the cultural history of chateaux and mansions in Silesia) and Swiss women's literature. Research in the field of didactics is related to issues of the reception and production of text and the integration of drama pedagogy methods into German teaching.

The Department provides a number of courses as a part of lifelong education programmes.

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