Life at the Department

Student Conference

This annual German studies conference offers students the opportunity to present their research as part of their Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral theses; this represents a valuable opportunity to gain experience for a future professional career.

“Stammtisch” student meetings

As everybody knows, an integral part of student life after a hard day’s studying is going to one of Ostrava’s many pubs and bars with fellow students. So why not combine this fine tradition with an educational element? Students at the Department regularly meet up with their teachers to relax in an informal environment and discuss all kinds of things – and it’s a great way of practising their German too!

Authors’ readings

The Department regularly invites German-language authors to present their new works to students and read excerpts from them – after all, who can read it better than the author her/himself? For students these meetings are represent a great opportunity to ask writers about their works, the writing process, their inspiration, and much more – providing an irreplaceable insight into the creative mind.

Student theatre performances

The Department runs the course “Theatre in Foreign Language Teaching” (headed by Pavla Zajícová), which gives students an opportunity to rehearse a German-language theatrical production which they then perform in public. In recent years audiences have included students and teachers from secondary schools, who gain valuable inspiration for their learning.

Czech-German cultural festival in Ostrava – Ostrau der Kulturpunkt

This event is held every year in the spring, and the Department of German Studies is one of the co-organizers. The programme varies from year to year, but it always includes screenings of German films, lectures, translation workshops, meetings with German companies in the Moravian-Silesian Region, excursions to German-speaking countries, and literary happenings. In recent years the festival has also included translation workshops for secondary school students.

Workshops for secondary schools

We work closely with a range of secondary schools in the region to show children that studying German is great fun. We organize several workshops each year for secondary schools, focusing on topics that schools identify as being of particular interest to them.

Updated: 23. 04. 2019