Department of Sociology

Our Department of Sociology was established in 2013. It is the youngest sociology department in the Czech Republic. We offer students a full-time Bachelor's studies of Sociology, both as a stand-alone major (so-called completus) and in combination with another major as either primary (major) or secondary (minor). In the future, we would like to expand our offer to include master's studies.

Activities of the Department

The department explores contemporary society, focusing on topical issues such as changes in professional and family life, urban space, management of organisations, the importance of media, migration, and religion. In addition to its academic activities, the department also engages in collaborative work with non-academic audiences and is keen to promote scientific knowledge in society.


In our education, we combine theoretical and methodological knowledge with practical skills. We prepare students for further academic studies and successful integration into practice and professional life. Our sociology courses are also open to students of other majors at the University of Ostrava. In addition, we offer the opportunity to study abroad through Erasmus+ and other programs.

Study modules and Projects

The Department of Sociology offers four study modules: Basics of Television Journalism, HR-Personnel Consultant, Transferable Work Competences for the Labor Market I, and Transferable Work Competences for the Labor Market II. Students of the University of Ostrava can acquire practical knowledge and skills in the respective areas in these modules during the 2 semesters of these modules. Cooperation is ensured directly with the experts from practice (e.g. Television Studio of ČT Ostrava, HR specialists from companies, and project managers).

Cooperation with the Labor market

Our department strives for the closest possible connection with organizations and companies both in the region, and in the entire Czech Republic. Our students participate in more than 100 hours of practice as part of their studies.

Updated: 01. 12. 2023


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