Why study sociology

If you decide to study sociology, you will learn to think critically about the world around us and examine aspects of contemporary society focusing on selected sociological issues – such as migration, post-industrial society and its transformation, sociology of organizations and management, gender issues, the social role of religion, and more. As part of your practical training you will be involved in sociological field research and you will carry out statistical and social analyses. You can also explore the social and political context of human behaviour, which is often hidden below the surface and yet has a significant effect on our lives. Studying sociology will enable to you pursue a range of professional careers in specialist organizations and institutions (research agencies, the non-profit sector, business, political organizations, public administration, etc.) and in the fields of public policy, social policy, and human resources management. You can then continue your studies in social sciences Master’s degree programmes at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Updated: 26. 11. 2017