About the Department

For almost 30 years, the Department of Romance Studies has been providing education in French and Spanish philology. It offers both three-year bachelor's and two-year follow-up master's courses. A significant advantage is that, in addition to theoretical philological studies, the department also offers several practice-oriented study programmes, which makes it different from similar departments in the Czech Republic. The department provides classes not only of French and Spanish, but also Italian, Portuguese, Galician or Romanian.

Life at the Department

Life at the Department of Romance Studies is about more than just studying and research. The Department also organizes a range of special events for its students and the general public: the regular Spanish Culture Week, a translation competition, annual Student Conferences, Christmas and summer parties, trips abroad, and more. We work closely with a number of secondary schools and cultural organizations. We are the centre of Spanish culture in Ostrava, and – along with the Alliance Française – also the centre of the French cultural scene here. For more about life at the Department you can see our Facebook pages:

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Updated: 09. 04. 2020