Studying at the Department

Study and admission procedures

A wide range of study programmes is taught at the Department of Romance Studies in both bachelor's and master's courses.

At bachelor's degree, we offer traditional study of French or Spanish language and literature. These programmes can be studied not only independently (completus option), but also in combination with another field taught at the University of Ostrava (maior and minor options), or as a preparation for the teaching profession (option focused on education). In addition to these fields of study, it is also possible to study a practically focused single-language options called French for Special Purposes, or Spanish for Special Purposes (specialization option), which replaced the popular fields focusing on the business sphere.

The study fields Spanish for Special Purposes and French for Special Purposes can also be studied in a combined form, which means that part of the courses are taught by self-study (with the help of supporting study materials) and the rest of the subjects are taught every Thursday.

At the master's level, the Department of Romance Studies offers the continuation of single-option and double-option programmes Spanish Philology and French Philology (options completus, maior, and minor), as well as the study of Teaching French for Secondary Schools and Teaching Spanish for Secondary Schools, or French Focused on Translation and Spanish Focused on Translation.

The Department of Romance Studies also provides two follow-up courses of lifelong learning programmes.

Admission procedure at the Department of Romance Studies

Applicants for bachelor's degree programmes must take an entrance examination. It has a form of an oral interview during which the applicant demonstrates sufficient motivation to study and basic orientation in the culture, history and literature of the studied language area (Spain or France). The interview is conducted in Czech, but it is assumed that the candidate has achieved at least B1 level in Spanish or French according to CEFR, which corresponds to common skills and competences of a secondary school graduate.

There is no entrance exam for follow-up master's programmes. The condition for admission is successful completion of a previous bachelor's or master's degree in Philology in the field of French / Spanish language or in a related field, and knowledge of French / Spanish at the C1 level according to CEFR.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the motivational interview, please contact the head of the Department of Romance Studies, Dr. Jan Mlčoch, or the pedagogical advisor of the department, Dr. Irena Fialová.

In every case, foreign students must meet the requirements specified at Foreign Transcripts.

Updated: 17. 12. 2020