Studia humanitatis – Ars hermeneutica. Methodology and theurgy of hermeneutic interpretation

The international conference and peer reviewed collective work Studia humanitatis - Ars hermeneutica – Methodology and theurgy of hermeneutic interpretation dates back to 2006 and it is a result of mutual cooperation of Department of Slavonic Studies and Department of Philosophy (University of Ostrava, Faculty of Art).

The aim of the conference is to solve essential questions of intersection of philosophy, theology, aesthetics, theory of literature, linguistics, and art history. Particular authors of papers focus on hermeneutics and methodology of interpretation. The connecting element and main methodological principle of this collective work is an application of interpretation approaches of philosophical and philological hermeneutics.

Key researched topics:

  • Humanities and the Arts;
  • Art of interpretation;
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (History of Philosophy, Ethics, Theology Religious studies, Theory of philosophical hermeneutics, Theory of philological hermeneutics);
  • Languages and Literature (General language studies, Linguistics, General literature studies, Literary theory, Specific literatures);
  • Arts, Art history.

Respected researchers from Polish, Slovak and Czech university departments of philosophy, philology and art history take part in the conference.

The papers are usually published in Czech, English, Polish, Russian, Slovak, each paper includes title, abstract, keywords, summary and brief information about the author in English.

Updated: 16. 02. 2021