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International conference Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy

Is our mind active during perception? Is our approach to the world direct, or mediated via representations? How to understand cognitive processes such as memory or imagination, which appear to be between perception and understanding? These and similar questions were discussed at the conference Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, which took place on 6–7 October 2016 and was organized by the Department of Philosophy and the Centre for Research in Medieval Society and Culture (Vivarium) as part of the project ‘Collective Identity in Social Networks of Medieval Europe’.

The conference focused on issues of sensory perception and other related topics as reflected in philosophical thought from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern period. Contributions thus covered a long period of time, from the 11th to the 18th century. The first day (featuring guests from Finland, Spain, Greece and Turkey) consisted of presentations in English, while the second day featured presentations in Czech and Slovak.

Updated: 27. 11. 2017