Why study at the Department

This might seem like a difficult question, but the answer is really quite simple. There are lots of possible reasons! They might include…

  • You like reading, and you also like thinking about what you’ve read.
  • Sometimes you read a book and think you could have written it better.
  • You enjoy thinking about the author’s motivation for writing a text.
  • You want to teach Czech Language and Literature at primary or secondary schools.
  • You are interested in a career working for a magazine, a publisher, or a cultural institution such as a library, a museum or a gallery.

Of course, this is only a small selection of reasons – it’s really about your own personal goals.

Studying at the Department – degrees/subjects/modules for international students

The Department of Czech Literature and Literary Criticism offers the following degrees (in conjunction with the Department of Czech Language):

  • Bachelor’s degree (single-subject Czech Language and Literature)
  • Bachelor’s degree (double-subject Czech Language and Literature in combination with another subject, e.g. English, German, History, etc.)
  • Master’s degree (single-subject)
  • Master’s degree (double-subject)
  • Master’s degree (teacher training degree)
  • doctoral degree (Literary Theory)
  • doctoral degree (Theory and History of Czech Literature)

Updated: 22. 11. 2017