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Online Media Discourse on Motherhood
Project IdSGS02/FF/2019
Main solverPhDr. et Mgr. Zuzana Černá
Period1/2019 - 12/2019
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe aim of the project submitted is to analyze and interpret the discourse on motherhood which is present in Czech daily newspapers with the highest audience rates, i.e. in Metro, MF Dnes, Blesk and Deník in their online version. In terms of our project, we - in compliance with the representatives of the critical discourse analysis - consider discourse to be a way of referring to an issue from a particular perspective. We will combine the qualitative and quantitative research strategy, i.e. the approach of the critical discourse analysis and the methodological approaches of corpus linguistics, and combine them in the Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies. We aim to find out whether the discourse of chosen texts is neutral or persuasive (in the latter case, we try to identify its purpose and social context). We will also be interested in the categories of motherhood and identities ascribed to mothers. The partial aims will be the analysis of the lexical means (names for motherhood, mothers, relationship between mothers and non-mothers, unborn as well as born children, situations connected with pregnancy and motherhood, collocations and concordances), grammatical means, graphical means and intertextuality.