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About the Department of History

The Department of History is a teaching and research department of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ostrava. It has more than fifty years of tradition in Ostrava’s tertiary education sector.

The Department’s teaching activities cover a range of different degree programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels – either as single-subject History degrees or History in combination with other subjects. Graduates of the Master’s degree programmes can continue their studies in two doctoral programmes – Economic and Social History and Czech and Czechoslovak History. The Department is also involved in lifelong learning, offering a programme for history teachers at primary schools who wish to extend their qualifications to secondary school level.

Research at the Department focuses on several key areas. The Department has achieved excellent results – and international renown – in its research of modern economic and social history; this is ranked among the flagship areas of research for the entire University. Currently the Department’s research in this area, carried out in conjunction with its sister workplace the Centre for Economic and Social History, is focusing on the analysis of economic and social factors affecting the historical process of modernization from the 18th to the 20th century. The second key field of research at the Department, one which is currently experiencing dynamic growth, involves the transformations of medieval society from the 12th to the 14th century. The Department’s medieval specialists are working closely alongside academics from other fields within the „Vivarium“ Centre for Research in Medieval Society and Culture, which pursues genuinely interdisciplinary research. Other members of the Department have achieved international renown for their empirical research in history teaching didactics. For more on research at the Department see here.

Members of the Department are active as coordinators or team members in a wide range of national or University-level grant-funded research projects, and have published widely. The Department has developed a network of international contacts – both for teaching and research – through the Erasmus programme. The Department also has its own research library, currently numbering over 22 000 volumes.

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