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Propedeutika kritického myšlení a mediální gramotnosti ve výuce dějepisu na středních školách
Project IdTL03000187
Main solverMgr. David Černín, Ph.D.
Period4/2020 - 4/2023
ProviderKatedra filozofie, Program ÉTA
AnotationThe project aims to innovate the history education at Czech secondary schools with special regards to the implementation of critical thinking and media literacy propaedeutic. The project thus answers the criticism aimed at Czech history education that needs to change in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century and it promotes critical thinking and media literacy, i.e. crucial skills for citizens of a democratic society that could be fruitfully passed on in the process of history education. An innovative basic research pilot study has been published in an international journal and project aims to realise its goals by preparing a didactic manual for teachers, a collection of pre-prepared exercises, and designing a course for teachers that would continue after project completion.