University of Ostrava ranks top 30th within the new EU countries

The prestigious ranking company, Times Higher Education, has evaluated the University of Ostrava to be among the top centres of excellence and is a growing university star in Central and South Europe. Within the Czech Republic the University of Ostrava ranked 7th place!

In the latest Times Higher Education New Europe 2018 ranking, the University of Ostrava was among 53 chosen institutions in Central and South Europe that belong among the best research-intensive centres and is a “growing university star”.

The University ranked 30th place within the Central and South Europe list and among the 13 Czech universities present on the list, the University took 7th place.

“I am glad that our hard work in the recent years has paid off. Our focus has been on internationalization, teaching quality, support of science and research, including the dissemination our scientists’ results. These activities are underappreciated because the results come after several years of work. I consider the fact that we were chosen for the top 53 universities and that we ranked 30th place as a sign of real progress and development that the University of Ostrava is achieving,” the Rector of the University of Ostrava Jan Lata commented on the success.

Institutions from 13 countries that have joined the European Union since 2004 were evaluated. The Czech Republic is the most represented country with 13 institutions represented, while Poland claimed 12 places, Hungary seven, and Romania five.

Times Higher Education used the same methodology of ranking as for the world ranking called “THE World University Rankings”: they assessed the quality of teaching, science and research, citation, international environment of the institution and revenues from cooperation with industry.

Updated: 16. 05. 2018