Euro-Asian Academic Forum

NOTICE: The validity of the information on this page has expired.

The Euro-Asian Academic Forum (EAAF) is the outcome of several years’ collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and universities from Eastern Europe and Asia.

The core mission of the EAAF is to support research-based exchange between EU and non-EU countries by simplifying processes for academic mobility and information exchange. The EAAF offers a framework for collaboration between students and researchers in the Czech Republic and a range of countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Thanks to the extensive cooperation built up among EAAF partners in previous years, the Forum is able to minimize administrative burdens related to the organization of student and staff exchanges. Fluency in English is not an essential prerequisite for participants in these exchanges; the working language of the EAAF is Russian. More information is available HERE.

Updated: 19. 01. 2018