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About the Centre for Economic and Social History

The Centre for Economic and Social History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava was established in 2008 as a research workplace of international quality. The Centre’s research focus has developed out of the specialist fields of several staff at the Faculty’s Department of History. The research integrates individual areas of interest into a broader-based concern with topical issues that have not yet received sufficient attention in Czech historiography, yet which are of key importance for understanding the complex interrelationships in contemporary society.

The primary research focus of the Centre for Economic and Social History is the historic process of modernization, analyzed with an emphasis on the anthropological dimension of this process and examining its manifestations in individual segments of societal structure. The Centre’s staff also test the hypothesis that modernization, despite its global nature, was not a transparent process, but instead was played out on a regional basis. At the centre of our attention are the economic and social impacts of the historic process of modernization in Austrian Silesian and North Moravia, in comparison with general developmental trends. This research creates further opportunities for analysis and opens up space for comparison with other modernizing regions.

The team at the Centre for Economic and Social History consists of teaching/research staff from the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts, plus a range of experts from other institutions. Students – both undergraduates and post-graduate students at the Department of History – are also involved in the Centre’s research.

The Centre for Economic and Social History systematically creates opportunities for research (study visits and research visits) and for the presentation (workshops, conferences) and publication of research findings. The Centre publishes a series of research studies and monographs.

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