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About the Department of Czech Language

The Department of Czech Language offers a wide range of degrees:

  • Czech Language and Literature (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree - both either as a single-major type or in combination with another degree subject, e.g. psychology, English or German languages, history, basics of social sciences; this degree is offered in conjunction with the Department of Czech Literature and Literary Criticism),
  • Teaching Czech Language and Literature for Secondary Schools (Master’s degree training future teachers, offered in a combination with another degree subject; this degree is offered in conjunction with the Department of Czech Literature and Literary Criticism),
  • Czech for Foreigners (Master’s degree; study programme is aimed at foreigners; previous study of bohemistics, slavistics, etc., is also desirable),
  • Czech Language (doctoral degree - Ph.D.)

The courses taught by the Department include the ‘core’ compulsory courses for the degree programmes listed above, plus a range of optional (elective) courses based around staff members’ individual research interests (see "Research activities" below, e.g. onomastics, quantitative linguistics). These optional courses enable students to partly ‘customize’ their studies according to their own needs and preferences. Consequently, students have the opportunity to specialize in particular theoretical disciplines and to become involved in research focusing on the Czech language (including historical research). International students - mainly participating in the Erasmus exchange programme - can attend Czech language courses for foreigners.

Research activities
In addition to teaching, the Department’s other main activity is linguistic research. Research is carried out as part of various projects, e.g. GAČR, NAKI, and in collaboration with universities, professional associations and other organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Department’s main research activities are focused predominantly on

  • onomastics (political and literary onomastics, theory of proper names, place names research),
  • quantitative linguistics (quantitative text analysis, quantitative syntax),
  • slang and argot.

The Department’s other research activities:

  • computer-mediated communication (internet communication),
  • contemporary spoken and written Czech language,
  • the language of mass media and the discourse of advertising.

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